On-Air Classes Free from CreativeLive – Week of 7/26

Start learning for free today from the amazing selection of live and on-air classes from CreativeLive. You will learn creative skills from the world’s top experts – Pulitzer Prize, Grammy, Oscar Winners, and New York Times best-selling authors, thought leaders, and legendary entrepreneurs. With over 1,500 curated classes in Photography & Video, Money & Life, Craft & Maker, Art & Design, and Music & Audio, there is something for everyone. Students can watch on-air broadcasts for free or buy a class and own the content for life.

Plus, you can get your daily creative fix on the iOS app with 1 free lesson of your choice, each and every day.

Check Out CreativeLive’s Free On-Air Classes

Free On-Air Classes – Week of 7/26

Class Name: CreativeLive: Improve Your Presentations With Improv Thinking
Text Link:https://shareasale.com/u.cfm?d=685673&m=59453&u=1192393&afftrack=
Start Date: 07/26/2020
End Date: 07/27/2020
RSVP Date: 07/26/2020

Class Name: CreativeLive: Power Your Podcast with Storytelling
Text Link:https://shareasale.com/u.cfm?d=685674&m=59453&u=1192393&afftrack=
Start Date: 07/27/2020
End Date: 07/28/2020
RSVP Date: 07/27/2020

Class Name: CreativeLive: Raise Your Perceived Value & Increase Your Prices
Text Link:https://shareasale.com/u.cfm?d=685675&m=59453&u=1192393&afftrack=
Start Date: 07/28/2020
End Date: 07/29/2020
RSVP Date: 07/28/2020

Class Name: CreativeLive: Brand Your Creative Business
Text Link:https://shareasale.com/u.cfm?d=685676&m=59453&u=1192393&afftrack=
Start Date: 07/29/2020
End Date: 07/30/2020
RSVP Date: 07/29/2020

Class Name: CreativeLive: Beauty + Fashion
Text Link:https://shareasale.com/u.cfm?d=685677&m=59453&u=1192393&afftrack=
Start Date: 07/30/2020
End Date: 07/31/2020
RSVP Date: 07/30/2020

Introducing CreativeLive TV: a live video feed by CreativeLive to entertain, inspire and connect us all! 

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