A short (-) day!

A short (-) day!

We probably cannot control the non-stopped changing environment outside BUT… we have a choice to choose how we look at things from the two sides (+) or (-) of our mind. Remember the most important rule is – to get the most out of it no matter it is (-) or (+).
Am having a very unusual day today, as I have choose to be (-) about the things surrounded myself, after a half day..the unexpected outcome is, I gained A LOT in this negative day by making some changes for those (-) THINGS.
The 1st is my long well old fashion website – it is finally being destroyed but at the same time, it is being “reformatted”, now YES,  it looks a LITTLE diff than its old boring outlook.

The 2nd is having a nice little break as I have decided not to do anything physically, felt great.

The 3rd is that I have learnt few “good”  “new”  “cool” things while i am in “doing nothing” mode as I have spent that time to see how other people is doing, amazing experience once again, that telling me how BIG the world outside is , wow VERY VERY BIG.

The 4th is ……to continue to take more short (-) days



The most beautiful experience ever..

The most beautiful experience ever..

People said..sometimes we need to step outside, get some air, and remind self of who we are and who we want to be. Stay curious and never give up, it is really true. As we have a choice, it is simply up to us. Keep our eyes open and our feet moving forward, we finally will find what we need, stay positive and never give up. you can learn things from different people and different occasion, while preparation met with opportunity then luck will be happened. Truly appreciated with what the experience I gained in every single day.